Who We Are

Ivy & Bud was started in 2021 determined to spread love through a token gesture.

Beautiful, but affordable.

British grown foliage and seasonal buds in a pretty, teeny vase and beautifully wrapped with a personal message is a touching and thoughtful way to show you care.

I have always loved posies but they seemed hard to find whenever I looked beyond my own garden. Research revealed a gap, and I hope Ivy & Bud has filled it.

The definition of a posy is a small bunch of cut flowers and that’s what we create. Ours are seasonal - often scented - and as local as we can manage - many are from nearby growers and our garden which is evolving.

This year we have planted many varieties of different foliage which work well in our pretty bud vases. Whilst mostly British, we do buy from further afield when we feel it appropriate.

Seasonal flowers

Ivy & Bud pick fresh and the best of the season. We take great care in choosing our flowers and use our experience to know what works well to send, remains perky and ultimately looks beautiful in our little vases.

Handpicked to order

Our flowers are handpicked to order. We only use the freshest of buds so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.  Our foliage which accompany every little bunch often contains herbs and scent too which compliments the buds they come with.

Hug through the post

Ivy & Bud is here to help you show your loved ones how much you care. No matter the occasion and even if there isn’t one… we will make it so special.  The posy is thoughtful and touching, the vase a lasting memory and the packaging is beautiful and 100% recyclable.

Ivy & Bud are always one click away if you need any help.

Our location

Old Manor Farm | Low Ham | Langport | Somerset | TA10 9DP

Connect with us

Email: beth@ivyandbud.co.uk
Telephone: 01458 772102
Instagram: @ivyandbud